Lawyers from Bersay Dispute Resolution teams specialize in resolving all manner of legal disputes that companies encounter in operating their businesses.

Our experience in this domain covers all aspects of business law, corporate law and securities/stock market law, as well as bankruptcy proceedings and white collar criminal law.

The Firm has earned a first-rate reputation for its business litigation practice.

As each dispute is unique, we strive to adapt our approach on a case by case basis to the specific real-life circumstances and to our client’s financial and strategic objectives or constraints. This is why we evaluate each situation with our client in order to develop a tailored solution.

In order to ensure that we can offer our clients the best available solution, lawyers from Bersay Litigation department master all the legal dispute resolution tools and procedures at their disposal, whether in local or international proceedings, before French courts or European courts, and including arbitration or alternative dispute resolution methods (negotiation, mediation, conciliation, etc.).

Litigation before the Courts

Lawyers from the Dispute Resolution Department assist our clients on a daily basis before French and European jurisdictions, placing them at the heart of Bersay’s activity.

Devoted to both the counseling and litigation aspects of its work, the Firm intervenes prior to anticipate a potential conflict like crisis or sensitive situations and assists its clients for defense, during the whole proceeding, until the execution of rendered decisions.

The Firm offers a precise evaluation of forces and weaknesses of each file in elaborating the most suitable defense.

For Litigation practice as for other Departments, the Firm wills to be the most proactive, regularly reevaluating targets and stake initially chosen, ready to adapt them to disputes evolution.


International trade privileged mode, arbitration practice requires an experienced know-how of procedural environment and network of specialists whether they are arbiters, counsels, or members of arbitration institutions.

Lawyers in our arbitration practice are recognized for their skill in resolving international disputes through ad hoc or institutional arbitration, in particular before the ICC.

Bersay intervenes upstream by drafting arbitration clauses, conducting procedures, including witnesses hearings, as for the exequatur and arbitration sentences rendered in France or worldwide.

Alternative dispute resolution

Lawyers are driven by the desire to provide the ideal solution to any situation that may arise. Therefore the firm has developed a practice in alternative disputes resolution methods, including conciliation and mediation. Convinced by the necessity to promote settlement agreements when appropriate, the lawyers from the Dispute Resolution Department often act as party’s counsel during mediations.


Bersay - 31, avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris 
Tél. : +33 1 56 88 30 00


Bersay - 31, avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris 
Tél. : +33 1 56 88 30 00