We had been awaiting this for several months now. The Cour de cassation issued at last its opinion on the validity of the Macron scale (article L. 1235-3 of the French Labour Code) which implements a ceiling for the compensation of an unlawfully dismissed employee.

After the French Administrative Council of State (“Conseil d’Etat”) and the Constitutional Council (“Conseil Constitutionnel”), the Cour de cassation approves the Macron scale.

In two opinions handed down on July 17, 2019 (n°15012 and 15013), the Cour de cassation asserts its compatibility with the European Convention for Human Rights, the European Social Charter and the 158th convention from the International Labour Organization.

Additional information on : https://www.courdecassation.fr/jurisprudence_2/avis_15/avis_classes_date_239/2019_9218/juillet_2019_9443/15013_17_43210.html

and an in depth analysis of these decisions in our July Employment Newsletter from July to be published Monday.