These values occupy an important place in the life of the Firm and in the recruitment process for new arrivals.They are all essential and are mentioned in no particular order:



Team Spirit 

In the manner of a team sport, a team’s effectiveness depends to a large extent on the collaboration of its members. The objective of the Firm’s members is to make every possible effort to ensure that the team wins.

Quality and resposniveness

Our systematic goal is to achieve excellence, both in substance and in form, in relation to our clients’ objectives, in all of the matters we handle.

That is an unremitting aspiration, which has led to the rapid development of the Firm and to its excellent reputation. Each of the lawyers at Bersay & Associés seeks to improve not only his or her own capabilities but also those of their team.

Our internal methodology requires that we continually try to identify the best possible strategy by listing out the possible solutions and choosing the best from among them after having weighed the pros and cons of each one.

Our clients know that they can count on our rapid responsiveness with respect to each of the matters they entrust to us.

Our organization is designed to allow us to act swiftly whenever the situation calls for us to mobilize resources in connection with a case or advisory matter, to follow and manage an ongoing file, or to inform our clients of developments.


Culturally, the lawyers of Bersay & Associés defend their clients’ interests with the constant purpose, throughout the duration of the representation, of obtaining the best possible outcome or solution (both in litigation and arbitration and in counseling), regardless of the adversity that may be encountered.


In connection with our day-to-day operations and our recruitment, we are very sensitive to the human qualities of our team members, and in particular to the following qualities:

  • honesty, integrity, probity, loyalty,

  • attentiveness to others, mutual respect,

  • ability to re-evaluate oneself regularly and to want to improve oneself always. Bersay & Associés’ organization naturally entails a transmission of know-how from the more experienced to the more junior members.