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Partial Activity and Covid-19

Last week, we wrote two synthesis of ordinances taken by the French government, on 25th March 2020, related to the social law and notably to partial activity. Since then, new texts adapted the partial activity scheme. Thus, we let you discover the input of these texts...

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The court of appeal of Reims validates

Since the Cour de Cassation issued two legal opinions on July 17 2019 validating the Macron scale (link to our July 2019 Social Newsletter), this first Court of Appeal ruling handed down since surprises us yet again by taking a third standpoint! The ruling of the...

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Macron Scale: The saga continues!

We announced last week the two opinions handed down by the French Supreme Court on July 17, 2019 (read the Newsletter) approving the scales of Article L.1235-3 of the French Labour Code. End of the controversy? Absolutely not!! By a deliberate act of resistance, the...

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