Bersay & Associés advises five departments (French administrative divisions) on the rollout of fiber-optic networks on their territory. Bersay & Associés’ public and administrative law department, headed by Martin Tissier, advised “Société publique locale Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Numérique”, in relation to its awarding of a concession contract to Orange for the purpose of operating and marketing, on the wholesale market, the fibre-to-the home (FttH) electronic communications networks of its local authority shareholders (the departments of Côte d’Or, Jura, Saône-et-Loire, and Yonne, as well as the “Nièvre Numérique” unrestricted public-sector association (“syndicat mixte ouvert”)). These FttH networks will be rolled out by the local authorities, and will then be operated and marketed by the SPV to be created by Orange, through a concession contract with a 15-year term. 350 000 homes are concerned in the French Burgundy region. This project is supported by “Plan France très haut débit”, a national program run by the French government whose aim is to expand the development of superfast networks in rural areas.